Buy Cannabis Online In Europe

Buy Cannabis Online In Europe

How Much Weed is an 8th?

Buy weed online Germany

Whether you live in a legalized state or an underground market state, chances are that you will be re-upping by some fraction of the ounce. Buy Purple Kush Online EU
When you purchase cannabis flower from legal dispensaries, the eighth (1/8th ounce) is the most commonly sought quantity. Buy weed online Germany

A Breakdown of How Many Grams of Weed Per Ounce:

  • 1G = 1 gram
  • ⅛ ounce = 3.5 grams
  • ¼ ounce = 7 grams
  • ½ ounce = 14 grams
  • 1 ounce = 28 grams

How Much Weed is an 8th?

This will depend on how dense your flower is. Some bud will be light and airy whereas others will be weighty and condensed, but generally you can expect an eighth to fill about half your open palm or entirely cover the bottom of a standard Zip lock baggie. Buy THC Vape Juice Online EU Where To Buy Cannabis Online Wellington Buy Cannabis online in Wellington Order Marijuana in Wellington Buy thc vape juice online in NZ

How Much Does 1/8th of Weed Cost?

The standard measurement of an eighth of pot is 3.5 grams, but the price can vary widely depending on where in the United States you reside. Where To Buy Cannabis Online New Zealand
The average eighth hovers around $30 to $35, costing you a bit more – sometimes upwards of $60 – in East Coast States compared to West Coast states and Colorado, where it wouldn’t be unusual to find an eighth priced at $25. As legal markets are born and mature, you can expect a gradual decrease in price per eighth, but this takes time. Where To Buy Cannabis Online Poland
Black market rates are more difficult to pin down and can differ significantly based on the region of the state you’re purchasing in. For more information on the price of weed in your city, visit

Ugly Marijuana Math

If you are savvy with measurements and conversions, you probably want to point out that an ounce doesn’t actually break down to exactly 28 grams. This is true.
In truth, an ounce equals 28.345 grams.
For precise reference (but almost never employed in practice):

  • ⅛ ounce = 3.543 grams
  • ¼ ounce = 7.087 grams
  • ½ ounce = 14.175 grams
  • 1 ounce = 28.345 grams

Why Don’t People Use the REAL Measurements?

These digits are not nearly as tidy as rounding down to 28 and dividing from there. I know the first reaction to this revelation might be to call up your dealer and tell him off for shorting you on your last purchase. Buy Banana Lato Hear me out on this. Most scales used for measuring cannabis only round to the nearest .1 gram, making it unreasonable to expect an absolute perfect eighth by these standards. Unless you want to haul around a triple beam balance scale and all the weights to keep it properly calibrated, accuracy to the tenth of a gram is the best you can get. Buy Cannabis Oil Online Germany
Furthermore, measuring is typically done by tossing in larger nugs and then smaller nugs as you near the target 3.5. Even if your dealer does have a more high-powered scale and you asked for a REAL eighth, the extra amount you would get would be negligible, and you would have both spent a painful amount of time haggling over an amount of weed that will likely get thrown at the bottom of the sack anyway. BUY THC OIL (Per Gram)

Does the Difference Even Matter?

In reality, I’ve never heard a single stoner complain about the cleaner, less accurate numerals. Even if more people were aware of this minor distinction, I think they would still take the 3.5 gram eighth and consider the remaining .043 g a convenience fee for not having to deal with ugly math. Maybe that’s just me. Buy Cannabis Online Krakow
It might make you feel better to know that it is common practice for legal dispensaries to round up their eighths to 4 grams or even have frequent specials on 5 gram eighths — i.e. 5 grams priced the same as an eighth to promote certain strains. Buy Edibles Online EU

Final Thoughts?

If you’re not familiar with weed math yet, it will soon become second nature to speak in grams, eighths, and quarters. The best thing you can do for yourself as a cannabis enthusiast is to brush up on the basic measurements and mathematics used to process your purchases. Even if math was never your favorite subject, this is a lesson worth learning. Buy weed online Germany

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