Banana stoner patch dummies



Banana stoner patch dummies

Buy Banana Stoner Patch Dummies Online

Buy Banana Stoner Patch Dummies Online Stoner Patch Dummies are made with high-quality cannabis and infused with 350mg THC. This medicated treat packs a powerful, long-lasting punch. First, they’re sour; then they’re sweet… then you’re stoned. Delta-8 THC Gummies – Pineapple Express
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Buy real Stoner Patch Dummies candy made with premium quality cannabis and infused with 350-500mg THC. The best-tasting medicated stoner patches are the stoniest gummies you’ll ever eat! Stoney Patch Dummies are available in Blueberry, Grape, Strawberry, Watermelon, and Tropical Punch flavors. Each gummy is made up of extra cannabis ingredients to give it that extra strength for relief.Stoney Patch Gummies

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Start off with two gummies and gradually work your way up after an hour to see how you feel. Everyone is different and people have different tolerance levels that differ from you. Start slow and work your way from there. With this in mind, Stoney Patch gummies do work and hit hard once the THC enters your bloodstream. In conclusion, it’s very easy to get carried away munching on Stoner Patch Dummies, therefore, we strongly advise you to eat with caution. At last, they’re sour; then they’re sweet… then you’re stoned. Sour Apple Killer

Real Dummy Edibles
Approx. (5-6) Pieces Per Bag
Tropical Punch Flavor – 350MG THC
Grape – 500MG
Blueberry – 500MG
Watermelon Flavor – 500MG THC
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Grape Stoner Patch Dummies, 

Blueberry stoner patch dummies

Strawberry Stoner Patch Dummies

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