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Buy Dulce de Leche CurePen Online. Dulce De Leche derives from Cream Caramel, Maple Leaf, and a Russian ruderalis strain. The term “dulce de leche”, means caramel in Spanish, which makes sense considering the stickiness of the buds. This autoflowering strain is indica dominant, comprising around 17-20% of THC, which is very potent in comparison with other autoflowers on the market. Cookies Rove Carts

Dulce De Leche plants yield around 350g/m² and grow very short in stature. Outdoor yields amount to approximately 25-60 grams per plant. Basically, Dulce De Leche is a low yielding auto strain that delivers high potency. The life cycle, from seed to harvest, lasts for 55-65 days.

What is considered high THC in cannabis?

Cannabis users are often misled to believe that any cannabis strain with less than 25% THC must be significantly less potent than average. Still, much of the cannabis grown and consumed is around 16% THC. In the Netherlands, the Trimbos Institute conducts an annual survey on the potency of cannabis and hashish. Trimbos is the Dutch institute for mental health and addiction. Buy Dulce de Leche CurePen Online


The 20th annual survey of cannabis samples purchased in 49 different coffee shops has just been completed. In any case, both the strongest cannabis strain in the coffee shop and the most popular strain were bought. THC and CBD are measured. What makes the Trimbos study so revealing is the scientific way in which the information is collected. Order Dulce de Leche CurePen Online


You may be interested to know that the very best “premium” coffee shop cannabis strains had THC levels of 18.4%. Based on this data alone, it could be said that around 18% THC is considered to be a high percentage of THC in cannabis. After all, the Dutch coffee shop system has been established for several decades. Many coffee shops are supplied by qualified professional growers who use reliable genetics. Still, many people might have expected the best coffee shop strains to contain well over 20% THC. PINEAPPLE EXPRESS BUDDHA BEAR


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