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The pineapple is a tropical treat known far and wide for a juicy sweetness that is pretty much irresistible.

We use pineapples in juices, in cooking, in sauce, in shampoos and more. Of course, there is also Pineapple e-liquid.


When you think pineapples, you think palm trees, hula, and waves crashing on the beach. Of course you also think of the refreshingly sweet blast of flavor. Well, Mig Vapor Pine Apple E-Juice brings you that flavor along with our trademark spectacular vaping.


Enjoy it alone or mix your own e-juice with our Vimanna Vape bar and combine pineapple with mango e-liquid for a tropical treat. Pick your blend and we will send it fresh to your door. This is vape mail that you are going to love.

It’s time to get caught up in the Pineapple Slow Down! This pineapple vape juice flavor will take you through the fast lane and help you reach a new zen-like state of mind with flavors of pineapple fruit and sweet candy. This candy like fruit flavor is sure to have everything you need to start the party, but remember to drip responsibly!

Primary Flavors: Pineapple, Mixed Fruit, Candy

Pineapple Slow Down was September 2015’s Mystery Flavor!! For a list of all of VapeWild’s Mystery Flavors, CLICK HERE

Made in the USA.


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