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4 Assed Monkey is one of my new favorite strains from Mephisto Genetics! Super dense nugs that have a artificial grape smell with tones of rubber like a wetsuit.


4 Assed Monkey is based on the crossing between well-known Gorilla Glue #4 and Grape Crinkle. It is a feminized autoflowering indica/sativa hybrid. 4 Assed Monkey is the result of long testing and selection.
The strain demonstrates potent and energetic growth and develops compact structure and frosty buds.
The height is up to 50-60 cm. The plant is ideal for small spaces. The flowering takes 60-65 days from seedlings.
The smoke brings a wide range of aromas from earthy, sour to fruity, tropical hints.

Effects: happiness, increased focus, creative vibe, increased energy, euphoric mood,

May Relieve: anxiety, stress, pain, chronic pain, depression, nausea, fatigue, loss of appetite, PTSD, PMS, muscle spasms

Alice in Wonderland is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain with an 85%/15% sativa/indica ratio.

Although its genetics remain unknown, it is believed to descend from the popular Willy’s Wonder strain with the indica-dominant Afghani and one yet-to-be-identified sativa cannabis parent.

The Alice in Wonderland marijuana strain offers some pretty strong effects you wouldn’t normally expect from its levels of THC, which clock in at around 20% on the average

The hybrid grows sticky nugs that are covered with a nice coat of trichomes, resin and orange pistils that make these flowers look incredibly delicious.

Alice in Wonderland produces beautifully smelling buds that give off the aroma of roses and some strong blueberry and floral hints on the tongue. It’s no surprise this flower is one of the most popular among cannaisseurs.

As for the effects of the Alice in Wonderland marijuana strain, these are purely inspirational.

The hybrid induces a total relaxation and overwhelming happiness followed by an amazingly creative vibe that will leave you focused on your tasks.

where to get Assed Monkey cannabis online

Users usually describe Alice in Wonderland as one of the most insanely positive strains that promote an intense and elevated experience without having to deal with anxiety, which is common to some strong sativa buds.

where to get Assed Monkey cannabis online

Moreover, this sativa-dominant hybrid is ideal for activities in the wilderness, so it’s a great choice for a hike or camping to enjoy complete relaxation while being close to nature.

Wondering what are the medical benefits of the Alice in Wonderland cannabis strain? It comes with some highly therapeutic effects for a range of conditions, including fatigue, stress, depression, and anxiety.

Because of its uplifting nature, the strain will allow you to enjoy your everyday life with no couch-lock effect.

Additionally, Alice in Wonderland will help you get some relief from muscle tension, nausea, and pain, both chronic and temporary.

Many users report that Alice in Wonderland helps them with the restless energy, so it may be a perfect choice for those looking for relaxation throughout the day, too.

where to get Assed Monkey cannabis online

A couple of hits of this sativa-dominant hybrid will allow you to enjoy your day with just the right amount of energy to be the most effective version of yourself.

All in all, Alice in Wonderland is an incredibly uplifting, stress-relieving and depression-nuking machine that gives a super tasty and smooth smoke on the uptake.

You can try this delicious bud and spend hours in happiness without the mental distraction that is common to sativa-dominant hybrids.

It’s actually perfect for both recreational and medical use, providing solid medical benefits with a nice head high.

where to get Assed Monkey cannabis online Best weed store online in Australia Can i order marijuana in Australia Looking to buy weed online in Australia


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