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Can i order weed in Ireland | Buy weed Dublin Ireland, Buy vape in Ireland, Buy Weed Online UK | Marijuana Shop Ireland Where to buy Marijuana in Dublin

Many people ask us about the legality of cannabis seeds in Ireland so,

we thought it would be useful to put together an article going over the relevant information.

First of all it is impor to say that cannabis and cannabis resin, are illegal in Ireland under the dangerous drugs act.Buy Weed Online UK | Marijuana Shop Ireland

The possession or cultivation of cannabis is therefore illegal in Ireland but what about the seeds?

Are cannabis seeds legal in Ireland?

Yes! Cannabis seeds are legal to possess and sell in Ireland and are not covered by the dangerous drugs act.

This means that it is perfectly legal for us to sell cannabis seeds to customers,

in Eire who want to by seeds and keep them as souvenirs or for genetic preservation.

Can you germinate cannabis seeds in Ireland?

No! it would be illegal to germinate cannabis seeds in Ireland unless you have a license,

for the minister for health and unless you own a big pharmaceutical company then thats very unlikely

Why buy cannabis seeds in Ireland?

Well things are changing across the world and there is even,

a bill passing through the Irish parliament,

to allow cannabis for medical,

then you can collect cannabis seeds and store them for possible future use.

We have a huge range of cannabis seeds with a wide variety of genetic,

traits so there is something for every kind of cannabis seeds collector.

with a  medical license then high CBD strains would probably,

be an appropriate choice of seed to store for future use.

Some of our best selling high CBD medical marijuana seeds

Can i order weed in Ireland

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Where to buy Marijuana in Dublin

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