Where To Buy Weed in Spain

Where To Buy Weed in Spain

How & Where To Buy WEED in MADRID (Spain)

If you’re a stoner visiting Madrid, you might be wondering how and where to buy weed in Madrid (Spain). Luckily for you, there are many places where you can buy cannabis (legally). In this article we explain the best ways to buy and smoke marijuana in the capital of Spain. We also answer some other important questions, such as: Is it legal to smoke indoors in Madrid? And is it legal to smoke on the streets of Madrid? If not, what are the fines?. BUY MAGIC MUSHROOMS AND PSYCHEDELICS IN EU
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Is cannabis legal in Madrid, Spain?

There is no short and simple answer to the question whether or not cannabis is legal in Spain. It is still (highly) illegal to sell cannabis in Spain. However, cannabis possession for personal use is not illegal in Spain on private property. You are allowed to smoke marijuana in the privacy of your own home, and you are even allowed to grow up to two plants per household in private properties out of the public view. Buy Weed Online UK

Smoking cannabis on the streets of Madrid

is something that happens quite a lot: if you walk through the city, you will surely encounter the smell of burning cannabis in many places. But although it is fairly common to smoke outside in public in Madrid, the police can fine you and take possession of your herbs. Buy Blue Dream Strain Online EU
It is also legal to sell and buy bongs and other cannabis paraphernalia (such as pipes, cannabis seeds, CBD oil) in Spain. These products are easy to find throughout the city of Madrid, and can also be ordered online legally (take a look at our assortment for online orders delivered to your doorstep in Madrid). Buy Girls Scout Cookies Online 

Is it legal to buy weed in Madrid?

There are several ways to buy weed in Madrid, and it may be surprising to you that it is possible to buy weed legally in the city. The most obvious and easy to way get marijuana in Madrid is to visit one of the so-called “smoke shops” or CBD shops, of which there are about a dozen in Madrid. These are fully legal shops that sell legal cannabis openly without any memberships or registration required, although the cannabis that is sold here contains (almost) no THC (less than 0,2%) – making it completely legal. BUY PILLS ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTIONS

How good is the quality of weed in Madrid?

The overall quality of weed in Madrid is quite good. There are many people growing small amounts of cannabis with the intention of selling it (or at least part of the harvest), and as a result there is a lot of weed available for sale. Thanks to the good climate and the good availability of growing supplies such as high-quality seeds, nutrients and grow lights, most (illegal) dealers sell weed of fairly good to really high quality. Please be aware that the quality can range from very bad to very good, and you’re never really sure what you’re buying from an unknown dealer. BUY THC VAPE JUICE ONLINE GERMANY

Beware Of Low Quality Weed In Madrid

The legal CBD-weed that you can buy in Madrid is usually imported from Italy or Switzerland, where it’s cultivated in advanced growing facilities. Therefore, the quality of these products is usually very good, but because these CBD-varieties lack the psychoactive cannabinoid THC, it won’t get you high. BUY THC VAPES ONLINE EU

What are the prices of weed in Madrid, Spain?

The prices of cannabis in Madrid vary widely, but are not very high (compared to the Netherlands, for example). Most dealers sell their weed for about €5,- per gram, depending on the quality and quantity you’re buying. If you buy more than just one or two grams, there’s usually some discount involved. These prices are similar on the Canary Islands. BUY WEED ONLINE IN IRELAND

Weed Delivery In Madrid

If you’re a tourist, be aware that most dealers will try to sell you their weed at higher prices. It’s always a good idea to bargain and never accept the first price that you’re offered on the streets. Especially if you don’t speak any Spanish, expect to be ripped off, albeit only slightly. If the dealer is asking €10 per gram or even more, be sure to tell him that this is too high and you know the real prices. But be aware that real top-notch weed can cost a little more than the average yerba you will find on the streets, so in some cases €10 per gram may be a good price (but more often than not, you should be able to find good weed at lower prices than this). BUY CAN WEED ONLINE UK

In the CBD-weed shops, the prices also range from about €5 to about €15 per gram.

If you’re looking to buy CBD-weed in Madrid for medicinal purposes, it may be worth paying prices on the high side to get weed with a higher percentage of CBD. Otherwise, the main thing that you’re looking for is a good flavor, and most low-priced CBD-varieties will taste just as good as the more expensive ones. BUY MARIJUANA HASH ONLINE NETHERLANDS

Buying weed from a dealer in Madrid

We have already said that it’s illegal to sell weed in Spain, but there are dealers selling weed illegally anyway (like in nearly every other country around the world). So where do I find them?. BUY WEED ONLINE GERMANY

Weed Dealers In Madrid

Although we cannot give precise information, your best bet to buy weed from a dealer in Madrid is to ask some locals. Restaurant owners, people working in smoke shops, or just random Spanish people on the street will definitely be able to point you in the right direction. Especially in touristic locations such as parks, there will be people selling cannabis illegally. Weed Delivery EU
The two pictures below show two different varieties of “real” marijuana that we bought from a dealer in Madrid that was recommended to us by a local resident. The quality and flavor were not disappointing, and the price was fairly low at €5 per gram.

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